Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Build a Democrat Voter

Here is a recipe on how to build a Democrat voter.

1. Start off with a baby to a single mom living without the father's support.
2. Provide baby with W.I.C. food and school lunches and breakfasts so he or she knows the government is there to help you have food.
3. Provide baby with a government subsidized place to live so he or she knows the government is there to house you.
4. Provide baby with government subsidized child care so the mother can be separated from her child for most of the day for most of his or her childhood.
5. Send child to schools where teachers are twice as likely to be Democrats than Republicans, where more than 90% of teacher union political contributions go to Democrat campaigns and where the school curriculum is written by Democrats.
6. Make schools a breeding ground to promote unproven global warming, gun control, sexual deviancy and promiscuity training, unsupported Darwinian evolution, and eliminating religion from public life.
7. Make divorce easy so that government is needed to step in and provide help to divorced moms and their children.
8. Eliminate competition and keeping score from children's sports so there are no winners and losers. Everyone needs to be equal.
9. Provide a media culture that promotes irresponsible personal behavior such as drinking, drugs, and premarital sex. Discourage marriage and promote the acceptability of abortion.
10. If the child manages to reach voting age and is not yet ready to vote Democrat, enroll him or her in college where Democrat professors outnumber Republican professors seven to one.
11. Enact a progressive tax rate so a large segment of the population only gets benefits from the federal government and pays no federal taxes.

Is there a twelfth step? What else would you add to this recipe?

Postscript - a well built democrat voter is good for life and with proper handling can even keep voting after death.

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