Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will Secularists Ban ¨Green Eggs And Ham?¨

Green Eggs and Ham has been in the news lately because Texas Senator Ted Cruz decided to read it during his filibuster style speech last week.  This Dr. Seuss classic is one of the best know children stories of all time. When Theodor Seuss Geisel published this book back in 1960 there was no evidence that it was anything more than an entertaining children´s book.

However, it is always possible to find extra messages in literature, even children´s literature and Green Eggs and Ham can be read as a Christian parable.

It begins with the name Geisel picked for one of the main characters, Sam.  Sam is short for Samuel. Samuel has it´s roots in Hebrew - Shemiel and it means ¨Name of God.¨ So is ¨Sam I am¨ ¨God I am?¨

So the story is about God sharing something he loves (green eggs and ham) with the story´s main character (unnamed). We can look at green eggs and ham as the Gospel. Sam (God) doesn´t give up. He tries to share his plate in all sorts of circumstances and the main character rejects it over and over again.  However, he crashes into the sea and is covered by water (baptism?) and then he has a change of heart and tries the strange food.

Once he tastes it, he loves it and immediately wants to share it with others. Isn´t that the story of Christianity?  You find the Gospel and then go out to share it?

If a school teacher were to read a story about God bringing the Gospel to a reluctant soul who eventually embraces the message and then decides to share it with others, he or she could get into big trouble.  However, there is no big deal for this same teacher to read Green Eggs and Ham.

If this hidden message in Green Eggs and Ham becomes too well know, will secularists ban it from government schools they carefully maintain as God free zones?

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