Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Frank Capra. Less Ayn Rand.

Last week, Utah Senator Mike Lee gave a great talk to the Heritage Foundation making a case for the need of the Tea Party to promote a positive, hopeful future.

His actions received a favorable editorial from the Washington Post's Michael Gerson.

I was surprised to read Mike Lee's quote, ¨The conservative vision for America is not an Ayn Rand novel. It's a Norman Rockwell painting, or a Frank Capra movie; a nation of plain ordinary kindness, and a litte looking out for the other fellow too.¨

I am not surprised that Lee would say this, I am surprised that is sounds like a blurb for my book Atlas Shrugged Jesus Wept.  In my book, I tell the Capraesque story {a la It's a Wonderful Life) of an angel trying to turn the characters from Atlas Shrugged from their worship of selfishness.

I got your back, Senator Lee. This vision for conservative values is already in print!

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