Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

God is the Voldermort of Evolutionists

In the popular Harry Potter books, Lord Voldermort is often referred to as 'He Who Must Not Be Named." In the 21st century when it comes to discussing science, especially on the subject of the origin of life or evolution, God is "He Who Must Not Be Named."

Fortunately, not all scientists are afraid of ¨He Who Must Not Be Named.¨ Last summer Stephen Meyer came out with a great companion book to his 2009 Signature in the Cell. His first book dealt with the failures of current science to show how life began. His argument was that the basic components of life show evidence of design so it is more logical to attribute the origin of live to a designer instead of random chance. Many critics, totally failing to read the book, instead criticized Meyer as a creationist and hack trying to force religion on science and denying evolution, which is not any part of the book. Meyer is no young earth creationist and he relies on no theological sources to support his arguments. Evolution was hardly a focus of this book.

Well, now his critics who often refuse to read his Signature book (because they are afraid they might get cooties?) can complain about intelligent design vs. evolution for real this time because Meyers new book, Darwin's Doubt, takes on the subject head on. It is laughable if you read the negative reviews of this book -- they treat it the way a vampire might treat a holy cross -- they want as little to do with it as possible.

The main problem for defenders of Darwinian evolution is that they base their beliefs on random chance for the creation of life from nothingness and its further evolution from its origin to the current diverse and complicated life forms. The more we learn about the building blocks of life, the more we see evidence of design at work, not random chance.

I think the reason evolutionists fight so hard to avoid the Evolution - ID debate, is that they are afraid they will lose the support of fellow citizens. Even in this increasingly secular country, a clear majority of Americans (80-95%) continue to believe in God. While some of these people believe in the literal Bible creation version, many have no problem accepting that the universe is billions of years old and that God is still the creator. For atheists who overwhelmingly accept evolution as gospel, this is a threat they want to stamp out. If it turns out that intelligent design is a better explanation to explain the origin of life and its evolution to current life forms, God is the obvious candidate as the designer, not something atheists want to deal with. 

My challenge to all people who accept the reality of God is to continue to call for a debate between intelligent design and random undirected evolution. The secular humanists have used evolution as a beachhead to tear down conservative institutions and values. Conservatives have been successful in challenging the truthfulness of man-made global warming. Liberals have not been able to implement carbon taxes that they think can help control the climate.  We need to push for a similar action regarding undireced evolution.

For an entertaining and informative way to study the intelligent design - evolution controversy, I invite you to read my play Inherit The Wind: Overturned by Design.

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