Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Sunday, March 2, 2014

He's the Best U.S. President

He's a liberal. The majority of the people in his country are not too thrilled with him right now. He replaced a conservative president who did not live up to expectations.

And he is the best president of the United States today.

It goes without saying this can't be Barack Obama.  The person I am describing is Enrique Pena Nieto, President of the United States of Mexico.

So what has Pena Nieto been able to accomplish that has proved impossible for his American neighbor?

1. Pena Nieto has figured out how to grow the economy. Mexico's GDP growth is over 3% while America's is under 2%.
2. Mexico's government bond rating has moved up to A- under Pena Nieto, the highest in Mexican history. Meanwhile America's bond rating has gone down, for the first time ever, under Obama.
3. Mexico's unemployment rate was at 4.25% at the end of 2013. Meanwhile America's unemployment rate has been slow to return to pre-Obama numbers.  It is still above 6.6%.
4. In a big change that caught the world by surprise, Pena Nieto was able to get the Mexican legislature to allow foreign investment in the oil industry for the first time in 75 years. He worked with both conservatives and liberals to get it done.  Meanwhile, Obama has been dragging his own feet on American energy development and has proved utterly incapable of ideas that can be supported by both Democrats and Republicans. His one-party Affordable Care Act is an unfolding disaster.
5. Despite teacher's unions being a big supporter of his party, Pena Nieto is pushing reforms that will take away their power and improve the Mexican education system.  Meanwhile, here in America, Obama takes steps to eliminate school choice and support teacher's unions over children. His support for union perks as part of Obama Care also demonstrates his propensity to look out for special interest groups with actions that hurt the nation as a whole.

Pena Nieto is actually not that popular right now (tough choices can do that to a politician), but he has taken important steps to improve his country. Obama is also unpopular right now (lying to people about keeping their health insurance can do that), but it is because he has taken ill conceived steps to weaken his country.

And that's why Pena Nieto is the best U.S. President.

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