Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tea Party Triple Threat

You know that something harmful to liberals is about to explode when a book written by establishment Yale law school professors gets skewered by the left even before is it published.  Time Magazine did a pre-publication article on The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America by  that turned out to be a hit piece by New York University professor Suketu Mehta who labeled the book racist. In many circles, there is nothing worse that you can be than racist.

I think that part of Mehta's beef with this book is that it should be coming from the likes of Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter who can be dismissed as conservative loonies. Unfortunately, the book is written by a husband-wife team of Yale law professors with impeccable establishment credentials, what's more, they back up their ¨racist¨ views with 88 pages of fine print end notes. So, in typical liberal fashion, when you can't argue facts, you start name calling - ¨You racist.¨

The uncomfortable message of The Triple Package is that (horrors!) some cultures are more successful than others. And equally horrendous, the reason they are successful is that they reject modern American values of promoting fairness, high self esteem, instant gratification, and diversity. The authors are actually very apologetic in presenting their arguments, knowing that their conclusions are very disturbing to many liberals who embrace and promote the current decedent culture. 

The Triple Package is 1) having a superiority complex, 2) insecurity, and 3) impulse control. Their research discovered that there are eight cultural groups in America that do far better than other groups because they embrace these three elements. They earn more, achieve greater accomplishments, and reach higher levels of major responsibility. Cubans do better than other Latino groups. Nigerians do better than other black groups. Chinese and Indians do better than other Asian groups. Iranians and Lebanese do better than other Middle Eastern groups. Jews and Mormons do better than other religious groups.

Groups that do not have the Triple Package like the descendants of black slaves, hillbillies, and the Amish do not achieve the same levels of accomplishment and as groups attain lower than average incomes and achievements.

The proof, inherently obvious to conservatives, has now been verified by accredited academics -- not all cultures are equal.

The authors clearly point out that you can have Triple Package traits even if you come from a non-Triple Package culture, but it is a lot harder to get there without the cultural support.

You can see the result of Triple Package traits in American history. the American culture at the time of the American Revolution had the triple package. They thought they were better than the Europeans, yet they were insecure about it as exhibited by their desires to follow the latest European fashion. And of course they were all about impulse control, living on the frontier makes you pretty self reliant and focused on the future. and contributed to our early success as a country. 

Modern America no longer has this key combination to greater success. As a nation we may still think we are better than other countries, but we no longer try harder and we lack self control.

If you apply the Triple Package model to current political philosophies, there are two losers and only one winner. The Democrats don't believe America is better than others, their mission is to eliminate insecurity and they have no impulse control. 

The establishment Republicans have no insecurity (since they are already rich or well off) and also have displayed lack of impulse control. To me it is clear that the only political culture that embraces the Triple Package is the much maligned Tea Party, but the facts clearly support Tea Party values as what America needs.

The triple package formula for success should result in continued increase in power by the Tea Party.  It predicts more representation and greater leadership positions for Tea Party politicians in Congress and the Senate.

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