Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Monday, June 16, 2014

Why We Get Fat - You've Got It Wrong

Too many people think science is always right.

More often than we think the prevailing accepted science gets it wrong.

German meteorologist Alfred Wegener developed the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift in 1912. The established scientists of the time thought he was nuts. It took the better part of five decades for Wegener's theory to achieve acceptance.

We are in the midst of the science community trying to cram down the theory of man-made climate change on society. Too many want to close debate on this subject, always a dangerous thing where science is involved.

Another group of scientist would like us to believe that people are born with same gender attraction. The argument that people have a choice in this matter is answered with cries of bigotry and intolerance instead of a desire to use scientific studies to determine the truth.

The more new scientific discoveries punch holes in the theory of evolution, the more establishment Darwin defenders circle the wagons and put their heads in the sand. They prefer this to acknowledging the legitimate questions raised by intelligent design advocates such as Stephen Meyer.

In his book Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About It, science writer Gary Taubes outlines an extremely compelling argument that the currently accepted science on obesity has got it all wrong. The latest cover story in Time magazine supports his claim.

Taubes says that the calories in / calories out explanation for how people gain and lose weight is wrong. His books is full of studies explaining why.

Here is the short version of how Taubes says we get fat: The hormone insulin is used to manage the storage of fatty acids in our fat cells. When insulin levels are high, the body signals fat cells to stay closed, eliminating a source of energy and locking up fat. When insulin levels are low, the body signals fat cells to release fatty acids to use up as energy and eliminates this stored weight. Insulin levels are raised and remain elevated for many people if they consume too many carbohydrates. Taubes says this consumption of sodas, juices, white rice, pasta, potatoes and corn is the source of this hijacking of our endocrine system.

Taubes says fat is not bad because the body burns it off. The fat that is accumulated in fat cells comes from carbohydrates. He says we could replace carbohydrates with straight lard, calorie for calorie and it would be healthier for our bodies.

If you've tried to successfully lose weight using the traditional calories in / calories out model, you have been doing it all wrong because the continued digestion of excess carbohydrates is sabotaging your efforts.

My guess is that Taubes's explanation will get more and more acceptance and people will be able to address obesity correctly.

One more sacred cow hits the dust.

If you are someone that scoffs at the views of those who do not accept the current generally accepted views on climate change, same sex attraction, or evolution, stop fighting the quest for truth and demand that the scientific debate continue.

You can't find the truth if you stop looking.

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