Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Impeachment for Dummies

UPDATED 01/09/2015

Recently there has been a spike in the number of people calling for the impeachment of President Obama. As I have stated in a previous post, this is another case of Republican booger eating. Yes, that's a gross word picture, but it accurately describes the action being taken by those promoting the impeachment idea.

Many a toddler is fond of eating mucus. Why do they do this? Because they like it. It feels good. (Many would prefer to eat boogers over vegetables.) But just because it feels good, is no reason to do it.

Many a conservative is fond of the idea to impeach Obama. Why do they do this? Because they like it. It feels good. (Many would prefer to impeach the president over cutting the Social Security / Medicare deficit.) But just because it feels good is no reason to do it.

Here are the main reasons that impeachment is a bad idea:
  • The math does not work. It takes 67 senators to remove an impeached President from office. The Republicans have 54 senate seats. Can you name the 13 Democrat senators who will vote for impeachment? Radio talk show host Michael Medved asked this of impeachment champion Sarah Palin and she could not name one.
  • If we proceeded with an impeachment, Obama would win the senate vote and remain in office. That is a win for him, just like it was for Bill Clinton. Many people would conclude that this would prove Obama's actions must have been okay when they clearly have been an abuse of power.
  • Impeachment is an act of politics, not an act of law. The results are not determined by an impartial jury or a judge examining legal precedents. The results are determined by party loyalty. Democrats would damage their interests if they impeached their own president for taking actions that benefit their voting base. They won't do it.
  • Joe Biden. Few people, even Democrats given truth serum, would state that Biden would make a better president than Obama. Do we want this for our country? Worse for conservatives, impeaching Obama would make Biden the incumbent president eligible to run for reelection. The power of incumbency is real. It would be dumb to give this gift to Democrats.
Yes, Obama has taken actions as President that are beyond the scope of his Constitutional powers. However, impeachment is not the solution to this. Far better is the lawsuit suing Obama which will get the attention without the negative results that would happen with impeachment.

Impeachment is for dummies.

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