Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pro-Abortion Cry Babies

The July 21, 2014 issue of Time Magazine had a digital bonus essay by Aaron Gouveia entitled My Wife's Abortion vs. Your Free Speech. It is an excellent example of how liberals value emotions and intentions more than facts and results.

In Mr. Gouveia's essay he tells how he and his wife were heckled by pro-life activists standing 35 feet from the abortion clinic they were visiting. Mr. Gouveia is upset because the Supreme Court recently ruled that the 35 foot buffer zone in front of abortion clinics is an unconstitutional limit on freedom of speech. Mr. and Mrs. Gouveia's unsettling experience is made worse by the fact that Mrs. Gouveia's unborn baby had major deformities and the baby would have been stillborn or died at birth. It must have been a terrible experience made worse by the hazing they endured as they approached the abortion clinic. The story of course tugs at the heart strings and the reader is moved to side with the Gouveias and paint their verbal abusers as uncaring evil doers.

Liberals hope readers fall for this appeal to emotions over facts and intentions over results. While I feel for this difficult experience for the Gouveias, I can't ignore facts and results that Mr Gouveia completely left out of his biased essay.
  • The infant mortality rate in the United States is 5.4 per 1,000 infants and this includes all deaths under one year of age, not just those at birth.
  • There are about 4 abortions for every 10 live births in the United States. If we assume 0.5% of these are for fatal birth defects (which is a very generous assumption since most abortions are performed too early in pregnancy to identify defects) then we are talking about 6,000 abortions out of 1.2 million a year.
  • Surveys show that at least 20% of women regret aborting their child. It could be much higher (one source says 85% feel negatively about the experience), but even at 20% we are talking about 240,000 abortions that the women wish never happened.
Given these facts, let us look again at the actions of the pro-life activists trying to save lives. There are at least 240,000 lives each year that are cut short which the women later regretted and no more than 6,000 women carrying a child with a fatal birth defect. This means that for every woman visiting an abortion clinic to terminate a fatal birth defect, there are 40 (and perhaps 100 or even more) that will later regret their decision.

The facts are that the attempt by pro-life activists to prick the conscious of women visiting abortion clinics to change their minds could result in thousands of saved lives. That is well worth the inconvenience to those women who must pass the protesters on the way to terminating the life of their unborn child.

Facts and results should always prevail over feelings and intentions.

Lives are depending on it.

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  1. Pregnancy is more dangerous to women's health than abortion. For this reason alone, abortion should be permitted. No woman who has been raped should be forced to undergo such a dangerous process for 9 months if she doesn't want to put her body and life at risk for a baby she didn't choose to have.

  2. How many of the 1 million abortions in America each year are related to rape? That argument is used as a excuse for many women and men to behave irresponsibly without consequences. To quote President Obama, who wants to be "punished with a baby?"

  3. An attempt to restrict the unplanned pregnancy and abortion would rise not only the percentage of illegal and unsafe abortions but also the expenses of the procedure.

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