Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stop Libertarians Eating Boogers

A toddler who picks his nose is likely to eat the results. Why? Because it makes him feel good. It goes without saying that the habit has no redeeming value.

A libertarian who votes for a third party candidate is the adult equivalent of a booger eating toddler. Why do they vote for third party candidates who have no chance of winning? Because it makes them feel good. It goes without saying that the habit has no redeeming value. This year it could be immensely destructive to the libertarian values they feel so strongly about.

Famed prognosticator Nate Silver is predicting that Republicans should regain control of the US senate in the fall elections. Republicans need to pick up six seats to regain the majority President Obama is so unpopular that there is little Democrats can do to attract the needed votes in red-leaning states. However, there is a real strong possibility that Libertarians could help the Democrats maintain control of the senate by winning elections this year in states that went for Romney in 2012. Here is how:

  • Alaska. Democrat Mark Begich is under 50% but is outpolling the different Republican candidates running in a primary to be decided later this month. The Libertarian candidate has yet to be decided, but they got 5% of the vote in 2008 when Begich beat his Republican foe by only 1.3%.
  • Arkansas. Democrat Mark Pryor is in another close race with Republican Tom Cotton. Neither has been able to poll above 50%. Libertarian Party candidate and Wal-Mart manager Nathan LeFrance is polling 3%.
  • Georgia. It is an open seat due to a Republican retiring. Democrat Michelle Nunn is running a close race against Republican David Perdue. Libertarian Party candidate and former city council woman Amanda Swafford has polled up to 7%.
  • Kentucky. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a surprisingly tight race with Democrat Alison Grimes. Libertarian candidate David Patterson is polling 7%.
  • Louisiana. Democrat Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landreau is polling under 50%. Her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy, who is polling around 25%, is losing support to Senate Conservatives Fund retired Air Force colonel Rob Maness and Libertarian engineer Brandon McMorris.
  • North Carolina. Democrat Kay Hagen is running neck and neck with Republican Tom Tillis. Neither one of them is polling above 50% right now. Meanwhile Libertarian Party candidate and pizza deliveryman Sean Haugh is polling as high as 7%.

There is also a blue state where a Republican win is threaten by the Libertarian Party.

  • Colorado (voted for Obama). The race here between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner is a horse race. However Libertarian candidate and armored truck driver Gaylon Kent has polled 7% (What's with the 7%?).
I think libertarian values of less government spending and smaller government are a good idea. However, when libertarians waste their votes on third party candidates, they are only giving up power to big spending, big government liberals. The only sane vote in the general election is to vote for the Republican, even if he or she doesn't always drink libertarian Kool-Aid.

Be sure to tell your libertarian friends who plan to vote for third party candidates that you don't appreciate seeing them eat boogers and if their wasted efforts results in the failure of Republicans to retake the senate, the rest of us are going to eating something much worse.

My favorite joke about liberals with a libertarian twist.

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