Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Gay Version)

UPDATED: June 26, 2015

Same sex marriage is now the law of the land. While this battle may be lost, conservatives and supporters of traditional family values should not surrender the culture war nor allow LGBTQ activists to take away their First Amendment rights of religious freedom.

This is not a black and white issue or a good vs evil issue. An honest look at the current status of same gender attraction should recognize that there is good as well as bad and ugly.


1. Gay Support for Traditional Families. They don't make the headlines that LGBTQ activists do, but there are many people with same gender attraction who recognize that the best family structure for raising a child is a married father and mother. Why shouldn't we strive for the best wherever we can?

2. Gay Support for Religious Values. There are also many people with same gender attraction who continue to participate in their religious faith and honoring the commandments. While some LGBTQ activists flaunt their promiscuity, their believing counterparts can find meaning in life without partaking in a deviant permissive lifestyle.

3. Gays are not Jailed or Killed. Unlike many Muslim countries, people who come out of the closest are not lawfully physically harmed here in America. All people should be treated with civility and respect, even when there is disagreement in values.

4. Gay Couple Adoption of Special Needs Children. Young children without special needs are easy to place in homes with both a father and mother. However, there are some older children or others with mental or physical challenges that cannot easily find a adoption. They still would benefit from a stable home life, rather than be in orphanages or foster care. Gay couples that take on the responsibility of raising such children are providing a loving and selfless service.


1. Same Gender Child Abuse. Firm stats are hard to find, but it is probable that child abuse has happened to less than 10% of children among the hetero population, but it is probably 30-50% and maybe more among those in the LGBTQ community. Is it possible that this abuse rewires people's brains to homosexuality? It is unfortunate that this issue is not a high priority in the LGBTQ community. In a subculture of diversity and tolerance, you can get a pass from many in the LGBTQ community when an adult-child sexual relationship is "consensual." That is wrong. Everyone wins when society reduces child abuse.

2. Knowingly Spreading AIDS. As an accommodation to the LGBTQ community, the health industry has never made it a practice to isolate AIDS carriers to prevent the spread of the disease. Even worse, many gays with AIDS have knowingly infected others without telling them they were HIV positive. If you tried this behavior with Hepatitis C or Ebola there would be a national outrage.

3. Knowingly Acquiring AIDS. Some gays consider it part of being gay to acquire AIDS and knowingly engage in risky activities that result in an HIV infection. People practicing such life threatening behavior need help to avoid making such damaging choices.

4. Sexual Assaults on Males. The media has given a lot of coverage to the "fact" that 20% of women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetimes. Far less attention is given to sexual assaults on males. The assault numbers are lower because far fewer men are disposed to attack men rather than women. However, if you look at the numbers in relation to the number of homosexual men, the rate of attack is much higher than 20% and probably under-reported due to the stigma of reporting such assaults. Since the man-on-man sexual assault problem is a higher rate based on the population size of attackers, shouldn't this be a higher priority than assaults on females?

5. Health Problems. It is rarely spoken of, but there are significant physiological damage (apart from AIDS) that can happen from gay sexual behavior. This is particularly bad when it is a result of sexual assault.

6. Transgender Mutilation Considered Normal. Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for John Hopkins University, has done the politically incorrect action of pointing out "the transgender emperor has no clothes." Frankly speaking, his first hand study of the transgender population resulted in his conclusion that it is a mental disorder. We need to get this minuscule portion of the population the mental health services they need and not kowtow to their desires to mutilate their bodies.

7. Gender Elimination. Actions in California and elsewhere want to allow men to use women's rest rooms if they identify as female. To appease a portion of the population likely to be much less than 0.1% of the population we have to subject 50% of the population to losing privacy from jerks taking advantage of this option.


1. Bullying. Some people make fun of and bully people with same gender attraction. Such action is juvenile and not Christian or mature behavior. But bullying is not only an anti-gay problem. Many LGBTQ activists go out of their way to bully small businesses owned by Christians. They demand they provide services to gay weddings knowing it is against their Christian values. Even worse, some young people, who proclaim themselves as gay but plan to stay celibate, are mocked and bullied into engaging in sexual activity to prove they are gay and to be accepted by other gays.

2. Incomplete Science Study of Homosexuality. Prior to 1973 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. It was removed from the DSM-III, not based on scientific research or a preponderance of peer reviewed studies, but rather on a trustees vote influenced by politics not science. Since that time, many scientists have ignored studying this condition, afraid that they would be attacked as bigots by the LGBTQ community. As a result there is a lot of "facts" not supported by science and a dearth of research examining elements of the gay lifestyle that would reflect poorly on the LGBTQ community.

3. The "Born That Way" Argument is Wrong. If all homosexuals were born gay, then if one identical twin was gay, the other would be too. This is not the case. People can choose to act gay or not and especially can choose to act bisexually or not. Selling the idea that "if you're gay, you were born that way" is selling a lie.

4. Excessive Promiscuity. Early pre-AIDS era scientific studies found that it was common for homosexuals to have more than 500 sexual partners and not uncommon for it to be over 1,000. While AIDs may have lowered these numbers for many, more recent studies still show gay promiscuity continues to be several times higher than with hetero men. How many parents would like to see their children fall into a lifestyle full of meaningless, transactional sex?

5. Adult Wants Are Valued More than Children Needs. Time and again the LGBTQ community takes positions that make adults feel better but are harmful to children. These include: applauding gays for abandon a traditional marriage with children to follow a gay lifestyle, encouraging young people to explore sexuality as teens, having schools teach about gay sex to elementary school age children, encouraging that young people mutilate their bodies to switch genders, and advocating that raising children with a father and mother is not the best option. We owe the next generation the best childhood we can give them and not put the wants of adults first.

6. No Male / Female Balance. A lot of the excesses of the LGBTQ community is due to the lack of opposite gender balance. Both men and women benefit from marriage where male and female traits work together and make both partners better people. This balance is generally not there with men/men and women/women partnerships. People should be free to choose their relationships, but society is best served when the culture recognizes that some relationships have greater value than others.

We need to support the Good, eliminate the Bad, and speak out to oppose the Ugly. Did I leave anything out? You are welcome to add to the list of Good, Bad, and Ugly.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eleanor Roosevelt - Soviet Informer

The recent PBS documentary on the Roosevelts spent plenty of time profiling the unconventional First Lady we had in Eleanor Roosevelt. She was acknowledged to be more liberal than her husband Franklin.

A liberal First Lady is something we are familiar with in modern times. Most people would put Hillary to the left of Bill and Michelle to the left of Barack. Both women have plenty of detractors, but as far as we know, neither of them have gone so far as to put the interests of anti-American powers above those of our country.

As crazy as it sounds, Eleanor Roosevelt took steps to protect a communist mole in the Treasury Department.

Harry Dexter White, was the number two man in the Treasury Department and an influential policy maker.  In 1941 communist Russia found itself in the desperate struggle for survival against Nazi Germany which invaded Russia during the summer. Stalin's bumbling military leadership made things worse and Russia casualties quickly rose to over 1 million troops.  Russia had another million troops protecting the border in the east against Japan.

If Russia could get Japan and America to go to war, the 1 million troops could be moved to fight the Germans. The American public was in no mood to go to war with either Germany or Japan.  Japan was at war with China, then a friend of the United States, and the U.S. took economic steps with the hopes that it would curtail Japanese aggression. White realized that these steps were reasonable and not likely to escalate into a conflict, so he drafted a hard line list of demands he knew Japan would reject.  He was able to get the Roosevelt administration to adopt this as official U.S. policy and Japan felt trapped. The result was Pearl Harbor. Russia was now able to move its Asia armies west to fight Germany.

White continued to serve the interests of the Soviets for the balance of the war. In 1944 Finnish troops fighting the Russians captured a diplomatic code book. Recognizing the value this information would have, the Finns sold the book to the United States.  The FBI had long known that there were secret messages going out from Russian agents in the United States, but they did not know what these messages said because they were in code.  Now they had the code book and were able to read everything. Much to their surprise they were able to identify White as working for the Russians. Was he stopped and arrested?

No, Eleanor Roosevelt found out about the code book and was furious that the United States would be reading the secret messages of one of our allies. She ordered the book returned to the Soviets who immediately changed the code. White was allowed to stay in office and continue to work for Soviet interests.

This would have made an interesting addition to the PBS story. However, the documentary was a puff piece with a goal of making a big government Democrat a hero for another generation.

For more details on this story read
Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR's White House Triggered Pearl Harbor

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Real Life Superhero: Cancer Can't Stop Mom with 17 Adopted Kids

Every year there is sure to be one or more blockbuster movies about a superhero. It is exciting to watch the hero uses his superpowers to vanquish some villain. It's great escapism, but it is not real. It is just some fabulously wealthy actor standing in front of a green screen with the CGI action added later.

It is great to know that there are real life heroes who put these pretend heroes to shame. My local paper, The Deseret News, does an excellent job profiling these men and women who go beyond what normal people would do and perform superhuman feats. I am going to share three of these stories and add more in future posts to inspire readers to recognize that superheroes are not make-believe. They walk among us doing selfless, real life deeds far greater than Superman, Batman, or Spiderman.

The most recent story is that of Sally and Chris Mart who, unable to have children of their own, ended up adopting 17 special needs children. Mrs. Mart has stage 4 cancer, but she is not letting that stop her superhero mission. Read here. (Warning: have a supply of tissues nearby.)

Menlo Smith grew up in poverty during the great depression.  He started his own candy business (ever hear of SweeTARTS?) and became a great success. That was not enough. He started an international program to do micro loans to poor people in developing countries that has raised 3.3 million people out of poverty. Read here.

Ray Bachiller is a retired military officer who could have spent his golden years relaxing, travelling, and looking after his interests first. Instead he gets up early in the morning and gives free tennis lessons to underprivileged teens, teaching them life skills and encouraging them to excel in school and beyond. Read here.

People can do amazing things. And the cool thing is, everyone can find ways to be a superhero.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Slows - George McClellan Obama

With each passing day, more and more people on the right and left are piling on President Obama for his continued ineptitude. As a student of history, I find that there is a fascinating parallel between President Obama and the Civil War Union general George McClellan.

For those not familiar with Civil War history, General McClellan was supposed to be the savior of the republic. After the North lost the battle of First Bull Run, President Lincoln selected him to lead his most important unit, the Army of the Potomac. The Democrat McClellan was smart, thought well of himself, and had a thin military leadership history when raised to high office. He was beloved by his followers, but cautious to the point of ineptitude in battle. He was good at blaming others for his failings and continually missing opportunities for victory by his failure to make decisions in a timely manner.

In perhaps the most blatant example of his incompetence, his men found a detailed copy of Robert E. Lee's movement plans for his 1862 invasion of Maryland. A better general would have used this information to destroy Lee's spread out army one piece at a time. Instead, McClellan dithered and gave Lee time to combine his forces. McClellan turned an easy victory that could have ended the war into a marginal one.

Lincoln complained the McClellan had "the slows." He was fired for failing in his mission of fighting the enemy.

I have found out that comparisons of Obama to McClellan was first raised on the left. Within less than one year in office, liberal articles (here and here) noticed how Obama shared many of the failures of McClellan.  In the past 5 years, the accuracy of this comparison has been confirmed time and time again.

Notice where time and time again, Obama has exhibit a case of "the slows":

1. For his first two years in power, Obama had strong Democrat majorities in the Senate and the House of Representative. Obama wasted an opportunity to pass laws on minimum wage, climate change, immigration reform, closing Guantanamo, and gun control. He is still campaigning on these issues, but he missed his chance when it would have been easy. Obama had "the slows."

2. Obama campaigned about fixing problems with the VA system. Nothing happened until it became a major scandal discovered by the media. Obama had "the slows."

3. The U.S. military had time to send at least air support to help out the four American's attacked in Benghazi. No decision to act was made until it was too late. Obama had "the slows."

4. Obama had almost three years to get heathcare.gov ready for roll out. The fall 2013 launch was a fiasco. His foot dragging response over the following weeks did not help anything. Obama had "the slows."

5. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and our top generals advocated keeping some American troops in Iraq. Obama let things drag out until time expired. As a result ISIS now controls large sections of Iraq. In late summer Obama admitted he had no strategy to combat ISIS, and even now that he has announced his strategy, it is one focused on taking its time instead of taking action to destroy ISIS as soon as possible.  "Obama has the slows."

6. Some foreign policy experts were recommending America provide weapons to moderate Syrian forces fighting the corrupt Syrian government in 2012-2013. Obama declined until he was forced to take action last month by the rise of ISIS in Syria. The lost time gave ISIS the breathing room it needed to consolidate power in Syria. Obama had "the slows."

7. The government of Ukraine has requested defensive weapons to deter Russian aggression. Obama has taken no action to assist with this request. Obama has "the slows."

8. Ebola broke out months ago but the Obama administration took no useful action early and even now daily headlines are showing each action seems to be too little and too late. Obama has "the slows."

9. Obama arranged for the Simpson Bowles Commission to come up with recommendations to deal with massive federal overspending. Obama has ignored the recommendations and taken no action in want is the greatest threat to the future of our country. Obama has "the slows."

Lincoln was finally able to get rid of McClellan, Unfortunately, we are stuck with President Obama for 2+ years.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Hollywood Fail / Old Hollywood Gems

Most weekends you may see ten or so new DVDs released and some weeks it is hard to find any you can watch without subjecting your brain to bent, twisted, and broken stories.

For example, this month, one of the new DVD releases is A Million Ways to Die in the West. Reviews warned that the movie is crude with little redeeming qualities, yet it was released by a major studio and earned more than $40 million. Another loser is Sex Tape, which made nearly $39 million. These are not good totals for movies with well know stars, but I am sure they will make millions more from DVD sales and rentals. Too bad some people have such bad taste.

While our modern day has many bad movies, it is also now easier than ever to watch some of the greatest movies ever made.

Here are six great movies that were first released in October that you should add to your movie bucket list if you have somehow missed them:

October 1939 - 75 years ago

Mr Smith Goes to Washington
Jimmy Stewart plays a neophyte senator fighting a corrupt Washington. Often rated as one of the best movies ever made.

October 1944 - 70 years ago

30 Seconds Over Tokyo
Spencer Tracy plays James Doolittle in the famous surprise Tokyo raid by B-25s launched from an aircraft carrier. Much better than the treatment it got in the more recent Pearl Harbor movie.

You will recognize the haunting Laura melody that became a Johnny Mercer hit. Film noir at its best. The screenplay was nominated for an Oscar.

To Have and Have Not
Bogie and Bacall in a Howard Hawks classic. This was their first movie together. Ms. Bacall passed away just last month. Her signature pose was due to the fact that she was so nervous, it was the only way she could stand without shaking.

October 1954 - 60 years ago

White Christmas
If you haven't seen this Bing Crosby / Danny Kaye musical, you are in the minority. It is hard to avoid, given how often you see it on TV during the Christmas season. If you like musicals, this is one of Irving Berlin's best.

A Star is Born
Judy Garland's signature movie. It received six Oscar nominations, including one for Garland and her co-star James Mason.

If you wish Hollywood made less disgusting movies, you are invited to read my screenplay Jihad on Hollywood, currently free on Ibooks or on Amazon for $0.99. The story addresses what would happen if the elite of Hollywood were captured and put on trial by Muslim terrorists. You will experience adventure, humor, and a condemnation of modern Hollywood's culture.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hillary's Health Stealth Nothing New - Did FDR Die of Cancer?

Updated 9/16/2016

Questions about Hillary Clinton's health have been leading news stories over the past few days. Is she hiding something? Probably. But it won't be the first time. John Kennedy famously hid his Addison Disease. But even more shocking is the likelihood that there was a cover up to hide the fact that Franklin Roosevelt died from brain cancer.

Here are the details:

Franklin Roosevelt enjoyed the outdoors. As a result, it is not unusual that he developed a macule (change in skin color) above his left eye. Photos from the 1920’s show a very light discoloration but it was bigger and darker by the time he became president in 1933. It continued to grow and darken throughout the 1930s. This was a clear sign of melanoma, skin cancer, one of the most deadly forms of cancer.

Patients with melanoma are likely to see the cancer metastasize, especially to the abdomen and later the brain. Among those who die from melanoma, 60% had cancer in the bowels, and 90% have the cancer spread to the brain.

Someone with brain mestastase from melanoma is at high risk for brain hemorrhage.

Steven Lomazow, a board certified neurologist and his coauthor Eric Fettmann wrote a fascinating book in 2009 called FDR's Deadly Secret that makes a strong case the Franklin Roosevelt did not die from an out-of-the-blue brain aneurysm, but rather from a brain hemorrhage due to a brain tumor that grew from it's original melanoma.

Roosevelt in 1939 with lesion clearly visible

According to the book, on January 17, 1940 renowned cancer doctor Reuben Peterson wrote Roosevelt advising him that he should check the lesion over his left eye. Most doctors of the day did not recognize a lesion like Roosevelt's to be evidence of cancerous melanoma. At worst it might be precancerous. Hopefully, Roosevelt's doctors did a biopsy, but there is no record of it (more about that later). What we do know is that they took steps to reduce the size of the lesion. The photographic evidence is clear that beginning in 1940, the lesion was being operated on. For example, right after Roosevelt got Peterson’s letter, he left on a hastily announced cruise on the USS Tuscaloosa. During the voyage, photos where nearly all from the right side, so his left eye was not seen. He also wore sunglasses a lot which he normally did not do. We can guess that Roosevelt’s lesion was being treated, but it was likely already too late.

By early 1940, Franklin Roosevelt’s cancer had metastasized and it was only a matter of time before he would die from his condition.

In May 1941, the president complained of stomach pains and fatigue. Blood tests showed he had lost the equivalent of eight pints of blood at some point in the prior 14 months. His doctor concocted a story about bleeding hemorrhoids, but a better explanation was internal bleeding in his GI tract. While Roosevelt was bedridden in the White House, his press secretary made excuses that he was suffering from a minor intestinal ailment. The treatment, which remained secret from the public, was blood transfusions, at least eight of them through the summer. Lomazow and Fettmann believe they have found circumstantial evidence that the bleeding may have been caused by radiation treatment for prostate cancer. None of this was included in the recent PBS Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts.

By 1942 the lesion above Roosevelt's eye was gone, evidence doctors knew it might lead to skin cancer (and in fact already had).
Roosevelt 1942 with lesion removed.

In September 1943 his cousin Daisy Suckley recorded that Roosevelt was complaining of stomach pain that continued during the Tehran conference in November.

The next medical problem was identified (and acknowledged in the Burns documentary) no later than the spring of 1944 when Roosevelt was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and left ventricular failure. Doctors treated him for hypertensive heart disease. 

Not covered in the documentary was doctors continuing to record further episodes of the president's abdominal pain.

Roosevelt ran for a fourth term hiding his significant health problems. A number of people who knew him well did not believe he would last another full term.

During the campaign, a letter to his wife and later recollection of his son James both recorded the president's continued bowel pains. He reported he had no interest in food because he could not taste it. By the time he died he probably weighed less than 150 pounds, a weight loss of at least 35 pounds during his last year.

After the election, people close to the president started noticing the president had periods of listlessness. The authors surmise that these were seizures caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This condition was noticed during the important Yalta Conference where Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin to make postwar plans. Many people have concluded that being sick, Roosevelt gave up too much to Stalin.

Roosevelt was exhibiting signs of a brain tumor. Perhaps the greatest proof of this was Roosevelt's speech to Congress upon his return from the Soviet Union. Burns documentary mentions the speech and notes that it was one of the few times that Roosevelt publicly referred to his polio condition. Burns did not mention that the speech was a disaster. Roosevelt could not stay on script. He took off on tangents and lost his place in the text, botching many of the words. Reviewing copies of the original speech document, Lomazow and Fettmann noticed a pattern - the parts of the speech where Roosevelt made errors were all on the left side of the page. The president was unable to see the left side of each line of his speech. This is called left hemisanopia, a condition effecting the right posterior portion of the brain that can be caused by brain tumors.

On April 12, 1945, Roosevelt suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and died a few hours later. When the embalmers came to prepare the body, they noticed the stomach was unnaturally distended. There was no autopsy.

Roosevelt's medical records have disappeared. Even when his wife Eleanor requested them 10 years later, she was told they could not be found.

Why did this cover-up happen? Roosevelt considered himself indispensable in a world at war, and many historians would agree. Had Roosevelt's true condition been known to the public, there is no way he would have been re-elected in 1940, much less 1944.  After his death there was less reason to hide the truth, except for the fact that it would detract from the heroic myth of FDR, the patron saint of the Democrat Party.

When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fiddlin' - The Ebola Song

Sing to the tune Elvira, made popular by the Oak Ridge Boys.

Ebola, Ebola, my heart's on fire, with Ebola.

Making plans for heaven, eyes like cherry wine
That bug can so not make my little light shine
I get a funny feelin' up and down my spine
'Cause I know I got Ebola signs.
So I’m singin'

Ebola, Ebola, my heart's on fire, with Ebola
Temp is Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
Throwin’ Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
High grade fever, away.

Tonight I'm gonna treat it with experimental drugs
I'm gonna give it all the meds I can, yes I am.
I’m gonna jump and holler
Because my skin’s now changing colors
I’m gonna search and find that doctor man.
And I’m singin’

Ebola, Ebola, my heart's on fire, with Ebola
Temps Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
Throwin’ Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
High grade fever, away.

Ebola, Ebola, my heart's on fire, with Ebola [fading]

For an index of all Fiddling Ant parody songs, click here.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

FDR Signed The Wrong Social Security Act

Here is another in my series of posts discussing FDR mistakes (See FDR - Flubbed Depression's Recovery and IRA Abuses Began with FDR).

As one would expect Ken Burns and Geoffrey Ward, in their recent PBS documentary, highlight the creation of Social Security, one of the most consequential and far reaching laws created during the Roosevelt presidency. The program pointed out that getting the legislation passed required a lot of compromise, but did not give any of the details.

Here is what happened.  

In 1935 Democrat Missouri Senator Bennett Champ Clark proposed an amendment to the proposed Social Security Act that would allow people to opt out if their employer at least matched the benefits offered by Social Security. The US Senate really liked this change to the proposed Social Security program. It would get retirement savings funded without needing any government interference, something the federal government had never done for all its citizens in the history of the U.S.  The Senate approved it 51-35. Meanwhile, the House passed the government monopoly version.

Roosevelt was upset and made it known that he would veto the Senate version. He did not want private competition to his government program. When the bill went to the House-Senate conference committee to work out a compromise bill, they decided to drop the Clark amendment with the PROMISE to appoint a special joint legislative committee to study the Clark amendment and report back how to add it into the Social Security Act in 1936. The next year, nothing happened; the study was never done.

Who wants to say ARGGHH! at this point?

This one failure doomed Social Security to become the tottering Ponzi scheme that it has become. The program only works because money collected from current workers is immediately paid out to retirees. And with fewer workers per retiree, the program will run out of money before today's young people retire. Considering that mutual funds over the second half of the 20th century averaged 10% return or better vs. 2% for Social Security, most retirees would have voted for a private retirement plan instead of Social Security.  

Those who defend Social Security are either under the misunderstanding that they are only getting back what they put in (when in truth it is money being paid in by current workers) or they approve of spreading the wealth by taking money from those who have it and giving it to those who do not. In the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper, these 'spread the wealth' people think it is okay to take away from the Ant to help the Grasshopper.

People should be in charge of helping themselves and other people without involving the inefficiencies of government. It’s called being responsible and charitable. Society suffers when large segments of the population treat handouts from the government as entitlements.

Too bad the Clark amendment was snuffed out. As you can see (no thanks to the Burns documentary), we ended up with the worst option of the two.

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