Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Five Miracles of Thanksgiving

The Five Miracles of Thanksgiving

For the average American, images of the first Thanksgiving are dour Englishmen with drab clothing and funny hats and shoes. The truth is more colorful and in fact miraculous.

A group of Bible readers (known as Separatists and not pilgrims), having recognized that the Church of England showed no similarities to the church of the New Testament, were forced to leave England for Holland or suffer fines and imprisonment. Life was hard for the exiles in Holland, so they decided they would be better off moving to America.

1. The first miracle was the loss of the Speedwell, the Mayflower's smaller sister ship. Twice the two ships left England only to turn back because the Speedwell was not seaworthy. They decided that there was no hope to repair the smaller vessel so those least committed to the enterprise stayed behind. Had those who stayed behind joined the company it may have changed the composition of the first community and lessened its chances for success.

2. The original plan was to find a site somewhere up the Hudson River. However, after their first landfall in Cape Cod, their attempt to continue on to the Hudson was halted by stormy weather. The Separatists took this as a sign to not continue and they landed at New Plymouth instead.  Had they tried to settle in the Hudson region, they would have had to deal with natives already living in the area who would not take kindly to accommodating these European strangers.

3. The Patuxet tribe, who had lived in the area, had all recently died off from diseases. The neighboring tribes stayed away from this empty land, afraid that moving in would result in death. This small band of a hundred Englishmen had found what was likely the only unclaimed land along the entire Atlantic seaboard.

4. After surviving a brutal winter where death claimed half their numbers, the Separatists were not in a good condition to thrive in their new land. They had no knowledge of what crops were best for the region, or how to plant them. They had proved totally inept as fishermen, despite the reputation of the region as a rich fishery. In the early spring they were contacted for the first time by two English speaking natives. How surprising must it have been to see a native warrior walk into their compound speaking these words in English: "Welcome! Have you any beer?" This first native, Samoset, had learned English from fishermen visiting the area, but the second one, Squanto, had actually lived in England for many years. Squanto taught the separatists how to farm and fish.

5. The neighboring tribes could have wiped out the Separatists at anytime. Squanto served as their main contact with the closest native tribes and helped the Separatists negotiate a peace that lasted for more than forty years.

It would be easy for the skeptic to claim that all these "miracles" are only fortuitous coincidences. The Separatists did not think these were coincidences. They chose to thank God for these miracles that allowed them to establish a God fearing community. Without these miracles, their experience would have ended in disastrous failure.

A coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous.

Here is a related story about these Pilgrims and how they abandoned failing socialism for thriving capitalism.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fiddlin' - The Amnesty Song

(to the tune of Billy Joel's Honesty)

If you use your phone and pen,
It isn't hard to act.
You don’t need the votes you lack to win.
Cause if we wait for lawfulness,
We might just as well give up.
Duck Congress is just a little sin.

Amnesty is such a lovely word,
Even if it’s so untrue.
Amnesty is patently absurd,
But mostly what we need from you.

We don’t want Republicans,
Who do not sympathize,
And then say illegals have to leave.
We’d rather want Obama’s face,
To tell more pretty lies.
All we want is someone who deceives.

Amnesty is such a lovely word,
Even if its so untrue.
Amnesty is patently absurd,
But mostly what we need from you.

Obama’s our amigo.
Obama is our friend.
We can have security,
Until the bitter end.
Nobody can deport us.
We promise not again.
You know, (you know) you know, whoa whoa whoa.

When we've got jobs instead of them,
Don’t be too concerned.
We’ll vote Democratic when your gone.
So when we’re seeking amnesty,
Tell us where else can we turn?
Cause you're the one that we depend upon.

Amnesty is such a lonely word,
Even if it’s so untrue.
Amnesty is patently absurd,
And mostly what I need from you.

For an index of all Fiddling Ant parody songs, click here.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wonder Woman - Polygamist Child

Jill Lepore's recently published book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman reveals the surprising background of Wonder Woman's creator, William Mouton Marston.

Marston was a Harvard graduate scion of a storied Boston family. Before becoming well known for creating the Wonder Woman comic, Marston was pretty much a failure. Lepore points out he managed to lose every job he had. Moulton (with help from the two women in his life, Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne) came up with the back story for superhero Wonder Woman and he wrote the comic book stories beginning in 1941 (H.G. Peter did the drawing).

While most all DC comic book readers are familiar with Wonder Woman, I would say that until Lepore's book, most were unaware of Marston's unusual home life. Marston was married to his wife Elizabeth Holloway when he informed her that he would be taking a live-in mistress, Olive Byrne. Elizabeth agreed to the arrangement. She had two children with Marston and Olive had two children with Marston. After Marston died in the 1947, the two women continued living together for decades.

One would think that east coast intelligentsia in the 1940s would not be too progressive about such living arrangements. This was back in the day when "Banned in Boston" was a common headline for many plays that were deemed to be too lurid. However, Olive Byrne was a niece of Margaret Sanger, famous for promoting sterilization and abortions. Abandoning traditional values must have run in the family.

The recent 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold a ban on gay marriage raised the issue that redefining marriage to include same sex partners will next result in more than two people demanding that polygamy and polyandry become acceptable forms of marriage.

The same sex marriage proponents like to say that they believe people should be free to marry who they want, but they are quick to draw the line against polygamy. This reveals the lie that they really are champions of marriage choice. In fact they only want same sex marriage so that all same-sex relations (whether married or not) are deemed to be normal.

They know that women in particular would reject polygamy as a legally accepted lifestyle, so it turns out that the champions of diversity and tolerance are not at all diverse or tolerant in supporting a lifestyle choice that is different than same-sex marriage.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

TED Talks Propaganda

Are you interested in learning great ideas? Supposedly, that is the mission of TED, a nonprofit, "nonpartisan" foundation that shares hundreds of videos with a goal to change attitudes, lives, and the world.

What is not said, but is obvious from the talks in the TED library, is that it is promoting a pro-secular, pro-gay, pro-climate change, pro-government, pro-socialist message. Yes, if you look hard enough you can find a talk here or there that support the benefits of traditional values, but on average you are going to get a dose of secular humanism that has come to dominate higher education in the modern era.

TED actually has a page on its website called Debunking TED Myths where it tries to spin that it is neutral and nonpartisan. A school can say they are not biased, but if you look at the classes they offer, you can decide for yourself. A look at the talks available on TED debunk the debunking, because they clearly focus on topics that promote a leftist secular culture.

For example, check out these topics of high interest to liberals: there are 24 talks on alternate energy, 32 talks about biodiversity, 13 talks about the biosphere, 35 talks about climate change, 75 about the environment, 48 about green, and 71 about social change. There are 63 talks about activism, 17 talks about feminism, and 21 talks about inequality.

I can guarantee you are not going to find balance or diversity in how these topics are addressed.

What about the important topic of religion? There are 6 talks about Buddhism, 3 about Christianity (one of which is anti-God), 15 talks about faith (most anti-faith), 12 talks about God (most anti-God), 5 about Islam, 10 about morality (not religious based), 27 about philosophy (no religion needed). There are 38 talks in the general religion category, but after watching them, you are not going to be left with the feeling that Judeo-Christian religious teachings are a good thing.

There are 49 talks about evolution, 0 about creationism and 0 about intelligent design.

There are 12 talks about family.

Atlantic Magazine, of all places, recently ran a piece citing study after study that shows how religious people are healthier and experience many other benefits.  If traditional values provide an environment that generates better results, why isn't this reflected by TED Talks promoting this positive situation? What better way to change lives and the world than to engage in practices that result in the greatest benefits?

It is because traditional values are considered oppressive, bigoted, backward, and judgmental.

You can learn some great things from many TED Talks. Too bad it is so narrow minded in it's content that talks that explain the immense value of embracing traditional Judeo-Christian values are not welcome.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Obama: A Tragedy for America

There is a lot of post-election gloating by Obama haters after Democrats got pasted in the midterm elections. People are celebrating that Republican control of the U.S. Senate will put a break on the nightmare in the White House.

Looking at these events with a long view and with an eye to past history, the following is clear:

1. Obama got the national priorities wrong from the beginning. Obama's #1 priority was to get a federal health insurance act passed because it was a Democrat dream for decades. There was no national demand for a radical change in America's health care system. To make things worse, the Frankenstein monster that is Obama Care did not reform the system in meaningful ways that would lower health care costs. Instead, it has resulted in greater expenses and fewer benefits for more people.

Many presidents don't get to pick the #1 priority that they prefer. Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt both wanted to keep America out of a world war. In both cases, they had to devote their main efforts to American war efforts. George W. Bush did not plan to fight a war against Muslim terrorism, but he took up the challenge obtaining mixed results. What if these presidents had ignored these pressing needs to focus on a pet project like federal national health care?

Obama's #1 goal should have been getting the national economy rolling. Obama made a clumsy attempt with his one-sided-pork-laden stimulus. The country views the economy since then as the recovery that wasn't. He has totally failed to address government overspending, stifling regulations, and unproductive tax policies. His Obama Care actually made economic recovery more difficult as companies put off hiring that would result in higher cost health benefits.

Behind the scenes, the moderate liberal Democrats have to be cursing the damage Obama has done to the Democrat party. He took overwhelming majorities made possible by Bush's unpopularity and lost control of both the House and Senate by charting a course rejected by America.

2. Obama won't put national priorities above his own. America needs government to live within its means. America needs government to stop hampering the private sector's ability to grow the economy. America needs government to fix the tsunami in the making that is Social Security and Medicare under funding. This are big problems that can only be tackled by a highly competent president. All these important actions require skills in governing and compromise that Obama has not been able to exhibit in six years.

Unfortunately, nothing in his temperament or values would suggest that Obama is capable of providing this brand of national leadership now.

And so we live with an American Tragedy.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Obama - Stay at Home Moms a Bad Choice

President Obama is once more causing national division with his recent comments about stay-at-home moms. Conservative observers of the president are not surprised. Obama has a long history of spouting divisive comments when he is unplugged from his teleprompter.  Remember the following gems?

  • "It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
  • "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."
  • "If you've got a business -- you didn't build that."
  • "I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money."

Obama's quote that being a stay-at-home mom is an unwanted bad choice is as follows:

"Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. That's not a choice we want Americans to make."

If Obama stated this in error, the White House would have retracted the comment, but it has not. With Obama, politics trumps policy or results. Working moms are a key Democrat constituency. Stay-at-home moms vote Republican. So it makes sense that Obama wants more moms to put their children in daycare and work outside the home. It's just the latest strategy that is great for lining up Democrat voters but is bad for society and children.

Numerous studies show that children with stay-at-home moms are healthier with less sick days missing school. They do scholastically better at school. They are more emotionally stable with less anxiety and depression. Perhaps the most important benefit is they get 24-hour motherly love. You can't outsource that to a daycare.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

November Hollywood Fail / Old Hollywood Gems

It is time for another monthly contrast between the morally bankrupt movies made today that pass for entertainment and the classic movies made before most people alive today were born. These older movies give viewers a level of entertainment forgotten by most modern movie producers.

This month, the low brow new DVD releases include Tammy which Focus on the Family called, "rude, crude, and even outright obscene." It still managed to earn more than $80 million in theaters. 

Another loser is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. A box office disappointment earning only $13 million, the movie's excesses no doubt were a big turn off. Focus on Family says, "This city of sin is a place filled with soulless sex and mindless violence, a locale where crime and punishment are almost one."

It is sad that these movies will continue to find an audience as DVDs. 

For those who don't want to feel like they just fell in cesspool, there are some great video choices that were first released in November. If you have not had the pleasure of watching these three classics, you should add them to your movie bucket list.

November 1939 - 75 years ago

Destry Rides Again
A Jimmy Stewart western which also stars Marlene Dietrich in a crowd pleasing comedy.

November 1944 - 70 years ago

A Woman in the Window
This film noir crime drama stars movie heavy Edward G. Robinson in a tale of unplanned murder and blackmail. IMDB gives this a big 7.8 rating.

November 1954 - 60 years ago

The Bridges at Toko-Ri
William Holden and Grace Kelly star in the adoption of the James Michener novel about a naval pilot in the Korean war. Won the Academy Award for best special effects.

If you wish Hollywood made less disgusting movies, you are invited to read my screenplay Jihad on Hollywood, currently free on Ibooks or on Amazon for $0.99. The story addresses what would happen if the elite of Hollywood were captured and put on trial by Muslim terrorists. You will experience adventure, humor, and a condemnation of modern Hollywood's culture.

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