Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Obama: A Tragedy for America

There is a lot of post-election gloating by Obama haters after Democrats got pasted in the midterm elections. People are celebrating that Republican control of the U.S. Senate will put a break on the nightmare in the White House.

Looking at these events with a long view and with an eye to past history, the following is clear:

1. Obama got the national priorities wrong from the beginning. Obama's #1 priority was to get a federal health insurance act passed because it was a Democrat dream for decades. There was no national demand for a radical change in America's health care system. To make things worse, the Frankenstein monster that is Obama Care did not reform the system in meaningful ways that would lower health care costs. Instead, it has resulted in greater expenses and fewer benefits for more people.

Many presidents don't get to pick the #1 priority that they prefer. Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt both wanted to keep America out of a world war. In both cases, they had to devote their main efforts to American war efforts. George W. Bush did not plan to fight a war against Muslim terrorism, but he took up the challenge obtaining mixed results. What if these presidents had ignored these pressing needs to focus on a pet project like federal national health care?

Obama's #1 goal should have been getting the national economy rolling. Obama made a clumsy attempt with his one-sided-pork-laden stimulus. The country views the economy since then as the recovery that wasn't. He has totally failed to address government overspending, stifling regulations, and unproductive tax policies. His Obama Care actually made economic recovery more difficult as companies put off hiring that would result in higher cost health benefits.

Behind the scenes, the moderate liberal Democrats have to be cursing the damage Obama has done to the Democrat party. He took overwhelming majorities made possible by Bush's unpopularity and lost control of both the House and Senate by charting a course rejected by America.

2. Obama won't put national priorities above his own. America needs government to live within its means. America needs government to stop hampering the private sector's ability to grow the economy. America needs government to fix the tsunami in the making that is Social Security and Medicare under funding. This are big problems that can only be tackled by a highly competent president. All these important actions require skills in governing and compromise that Obama has not been able to exhibit in six years.

Unfortunately, nothing in his temperament or values would suggest that Obama is capable of providing this brand of national leadership now.

And so we live with an American Tragedy.

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