Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Friday, November 14, 2014

TED Talks Propaganda

Are you interested in learning great ideas? Supposedly, that is the mission of TED, a nonprofit, "nonpartisan" foundation that shares hundreds of videos with a goal to change attitudes, lives, and the world.

What is not said, but is obvious from the talks in the TED library, is that it is promoting a pro-secular, pro-gay, pro-climate change, pro-government, pro-socialist message. Yes, if you look hard enough you can find a talk here or there that support the benefits of traditional values, but on average you are going to get a dose of secular humanism that has come to dominate higher education in the modern era.

TED actually has a page on its website called Debunking TED Myths where it tries to spin that it is neutral and nonpartisan. A school can say they are not biased, but if you look at the classes they offer, you can decide for yourself. A look at the talks available on TED debunk the debunking, because they clearly focus on topics that promote a leftist secular culture.

For example, check out these topics of high interest to liberals: there are 24 talks on alternate energy, 32 talks about biodiversity, 13 talks about the biosphere, 35 talks about climate change, 75 about the environment, 48 about green, and 71 about social change. There are 63 talks about activism, 17 talks about feminism, and 21 talks about inequality.

I can guarantee you are not going to find balance or diversity in how these topics are addressed.

What about the important topic of religion? There are 6 talks about Buddhism, 3 about Christianity (one of which is anti-God), 15 talks about faith (most anti-faith), 12 talks about God (most anti-God), 5 about Islam, 10 about morality (not religious based), 27 about philosophy (no religion needed). There are 38 talks in the general religion category, but after watching them, you are not going to be left with the feeling that Judeo-Christian religious teachings are a good thing.

There are 49 talks about evolution, 0 about creationism and 0 about intelligent design.

There are 12 talks about family.

Atlantic Magazine, of all places, recently ran a piece citing study after study that shows how religious people are healthier and experience many other benefits.  If traditional values provide an environment that generates better results, why isn't this reflected by TED Talks promoting this positive situation? What better way to change lives and the world than to engage in practices that result in the greatest benefits?

It is because traditional values are considered oppressive, bigoted, backward, and judgmental.

You can learn some great things from many TED Talks. Too bad it is so narrow minded in it's content that talks that explain the immense value of embracing traditional Judeo-Christian values are not welcome.

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