Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wonder Woman - Polygamist Child

Jill Lepore's recently published book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman reveals the surprising background of Wonder Woman's creator, William Mouton Marston.

Marston was a Harvard graduate scion of a storied Boston family. Before becoming well known for creating the Wonder Woman comic, Marston was pretty much a failure. Lepore points out he managed to lose every job he had. Moulton (with help from the two women in his life, Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne) came up with the back story for superhero Wonder Woman and he wrote the comic book stories beginning in 1941 (H.G. Peter did the drawing).

While most all DC comic book readers are familiar with Wonder Woman, I would say that until Lepore's book, most were unaware of Marston's unusual home life. Marston was married to his wife Elizabeth Holloway when he informed her that he would be taking a live-in mistress, Olive Byrne. Elizabeth agreed to the arrangement. She had two children with Marston and Olive had two children with Marston. After Marston died in the 1947, the two women continued living together for decades.

One would think that east coast intelligentsia in the 1940s would not be too progressive about such living arrangements. This was back in the day when "Banned in Boston" was a common headline for many plays that were deemed to be too lurid. However, Olive Byrne was a niece of Margaret Sanger, famous for promoting sterilization and abortions. Abandoning traditional values must have run in the family.

The recent 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold a ban on gay marriage raised the issue that redefining marriage to include same sex partners will next result in more than two people demanding that polygamy and polyandry become acceptable forms of marriage.

The same sex marriage proponents like to say that they believe people should be free to marry who they want, but they are quick to draw the line against polygamy. This reveals the lie that they really are champions of marriage choice. In fact they only want same sex marriage so that all same-sex relations (whether married or not) are deemed to be normal.

They know that women in particular would reject polygamy as a legally accepted lifestyle, so it turns out that the champions of diversity and tolerance are not at all diverse or tolerant in supporting a lifestyle choice that is different than same-sex marriage.

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