Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Monday, March 9, 2015

Disembodied Voice Saves Baby

Late Friday night on March 6, 2015 Jenny Groesbeck was killed when her car left the road and landed upside-down in the Spanish Fork River. On Saturday morning a fisherman noticed the out-of-place vehicle and called the police. Four officers responded to the call.  Here is what the Deseret News reported happening:

Dewitt was one of the first officers to arrive. The incident was originally reported as a possible abandoned vehicle in the river. But as he got closer, he said he could see the mother inside. Three more officers arrived almost simultaneously at the river.
And that's when they heard a voice.
"We were down on the car and a distinct voice says, 'Help me, help me,'" Dewitt recalled.
"It wasn't just something that was just in our heads. To me it was plain as day cause I remember hearing a voice," officer Tyler Beddoes said. "I think it was Dewitt who said, 'We're trying. We're trying our best to get in there.'
"How do you explain that? I don't know," he said, adding that the voice didn't sound like a child.
"It was a positive boost for every one of us because I think it pushed us to go harder a little longer. I don't think that any one of us had intended on flipping a car over that day," Beddoes said. "We know there was some other help there, getting us where we needed to be."
When the officers flipped the car onto its side, that's when they realized that a child was still inside.
"I was terrified there was a little baby," Dewitt said. "My initial instinct was that she was dead. When we were able to cut her out, pass her out, the first thing I saw was her eyes fluttering. So it was kind of a positive sign of life for me, at least. But knew she wasn't out of harm's way, either."
After Dewitt discovered the child, firefighters Paul Taultomadakis and Lee Mecham jumped on top of the vehicle.
"Got the door open, and Lee jumped up with me and held the door while I kind of got down inside, grabbed the baby girl, lifted her out of the water and unhooked the car seat," Taultomadakis said. "Didn't really think about anything except trying to get her out. Once I got ahold of her, I could tell that she still had some life."
After Taultomadakis pulled Lily out, the police officers and firefighters started passing her up the hill until she got into Warner's arms.
"I ended up with the child in my arms and I just ran up the hill and into the ambulance and we drove off, started CPR and anything we could do to just save her," he said.
Lily was improving Sunday, according to Jill Sanderson, Groesbeck's sister.
"She is doing remarkably well considering the circumstance. The doctors have been hopeful so far," Sanderson said. "We would like to express our appreciation to the Spanish Fork rescue team for saving the baby's life."
To read the full Deseret News story, click here.

Curiously, but perhaps not unsurprisingly, the story has been pick up by Time Magazine. This version mentions the part about a baby surviving after hanging upside down all night, but it totally ignores the trooper statements about hearing a voice that guided them to the rescue. It is disappointing that the mainstream secular humanist media refuses to recognize the hand of Providence at any time.

Events such as this likely happen more often than we hear about, because mainstream media is hesitant to share anything that would support the existence of God. So much for reporting the news, Time Magazine. Miracles happen. Deal with it.

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