Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hillary Emails: The Watergate Connection

Clinton watchers are not really surprised to learn that Hillary Clinton decided to keep all of her emails as Secretary of State on a server kept at her home instead of using the State Department email system as required by law. They are even less surprised that we have now learned that she has wiped her email server clean. The Clintons have operated for decades following the rule that laws apply to everyone else, but they can make their own rules.

Anyone remember when Hillary Clinton somehow make a killing in the cattle futures market back in the 1980's with no commodities experience? Her supporters and the main stream media looked the other way to this suspicious action.

The Hillary email fiasco should remind us of a formative period in Hillary's life. In 1974 she was a young lawyer working for the House Committee on the Judiciary investigating the Watergate scandal. Hillary got an education on how not to handle harmful evidence. President Nixon installed a tape recording system in the Oval Office that ended up causing his downfall. Congress ordered the recordings turned over and Nixon had no other option than to comply. His secretary Rosemary Woods erased the infamous 18 1/2 minutes (see photo above) where Nixon likely discussed the Watergate break-in with his chief of staff Bob Haldeman. No one believed the erasure was a mistake, but to this day no one knows what was said. This is the dumb way to destroy evidence.

Hillary avoided the whole possible Watergate problem by keeping total control over the storage of her emails. By maintaining control of the server that stored her emails, no independent party can obtain any communications she wanted to hide. Emails could be deleted without anyone knowing and that is exactly what she did. Any incriminating emails are by now eliminated, never to be found. This is the smart way to destroy evidence.

If Nixon had personal control over the tapes, he might have been able to avoid impeachment.

If Hillary is able to avoid a scandal from Benghazi, she may be able to thank her forethought to reject using the State Department email system and setting up her own private email so she could destroy all evidence of wrongdoing.

Tricky Dicky has nothing on you, ma'am.

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