Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Hard Working Traditional Values With A Dash of Fun

Friday, January 29, 2016

Out of Control Same Sex Assaults Not Being Reported

Two contrasting stories in the news deserve further attention. The more prominent one was
"LDS Church leaders mourn reported deaths in Mormon LGBT community". But there was also "Charges: Park City band teacher solicited student with fake sex study". The male teacher's target was a boy.

With almost monthly regularity, the local news reports of yet another Utah teacher sexually assaulting a student. Last year there was a story listing ~20 of these perpetrators. Although not a focus of the story, it listed the gender of the teachers and students. Five of these were same-sex attacks. Since 2.5% of the population is LGBT, one would expect 0-1 same-sex attacks. The attacks occurred at 10 times the expected level. Why isn't this newsworthy?

Although the media seems to avoid reporting on the subject, there is data that plainly shows that same-sex assaults happen at a higher rate than opposite sex assaults. The military regularly reports details about sexual violence. In the 2014 report it said there were 10,600 assaults on men and 9,600 assaults on women. 85% of the military are men of which we can assume all but 1-2% are straight. So 84% are probably responsible for most of the 9,600 assaults on women and the other 1-2% are probably responsible for most of the other 10,600 attacks. If we extrapolate the male assaults by 42 times (to increase the 2% to 84% size) we get a proportional number that is incredible 450,000!

My wife has a number of LGBT friends and in almost all cases they tell stories of being assaulted as children. Some people think there is a correlation in this. Where is the LGBT condemnation of same-sex assaults?

We are correct to defend LGBT children from bullying. But what about defending them from assaults? Where is the demand that the LGBT community take leadership in fighting the higher-than-would-be-expected rate of same-sex sexual assault on children? A story on this subject demands attention, but it would of course be attacked as gay bashing. Does the high rate of LGBT child assaults get a pass because it would not be politically correct?

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  1. These are very thought provoking questions that you have raised. It is a very serious issue that should be addressed and attended to. There is an ethical need to pat attention to it.